INEOS Calabrian Timmins, Ontario
welcomes new employees in anticipation of an ontime startup of the new sulfur dioxide production facility in Eastern Canada. Read more in Latest News and Updates below...
Timmins, ON September 30, 2016 INEOS Calabrian
is the largest North American producer of on-purpose sulfur dioxide, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, and sodium thiosulfate
INEOS Calabrian
provides in-situ, on-demand pure SO2 and SO3 in a safe and reliable manner, creating new opportunities for these critical reagents.
SOx Submerged Combustion Technology
are used in industries ranging from food & beverages to water treatment and oilfield chemicals.
INEOS Calabrian Products
Calabrian announced today it is building a liquid Sulfur Dioxide production facility in Eastern Canada. The facility will serve the local mining, paper and water treatment markets. Site development and construction will begin immediately and production is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2016. Read more below in Latest News and Updates.
Calabrian Announces Its Plans to Build SO2CLEAN® Production Facility in Eastern Canada
The expansion utilizes Calabrian's proprietary SO2CLEAN® technology. The technology, which burns sulfur in pure oxygen, enables production that is highly reliable, free of SOX and NOX emissions and expandable on a modular basis, and is therefore economically superior to a sulfur burner. These characteristics speed permitting, allow rapid expansion, and make SO2CLEAN® ideal for in situ production. The driver behind the expansion is Calabrian's strategy of strengthening its leading position in SO2 and derivatives.
Calabrian receives the Kansas City Southern 2015 Hazardous Material Shipper Safety Award
We are very proud of this recognition. It takes a lot of diligence and hard work to ship a hazardous product, especially a TIH like Sulfur Dioxide. Calabrian is constantly reviewing and working to improve our processes to ensure that our products ship as safe as possible. It is a pleasure to be recognized by our partners at KCS. We will continue to work hard to strengthen and develop our safety culture.
Port Neches, TX - February 17, 2016: Calabrian Corporation announces that its Port Neches facility received the Kansas City Southern 2015 Hazardous Material Shipper Safety Award. This award is a true testament to the efforts and commitment of safety and environmental protection of the community and employees at the Port Neches facility.

Requests from current and potential customers give us the ability to produce additional Sulfur Derivatives and proprietary blends at the Port Neches plant utilizing a variety of alkaline/earth metals and catalyzed and non-catalyzed solutions.

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