Our Technologies

SO2Clean® is an innovative technology

Developed by Calabrian Corporation to produce high purity sulfur dioxide by burning sulfur in oxygen, rather than air.  Using pure oxygen eliminates gas separation/operational complexities inherent with nitrogen and other inerts, significantly reducing equipment size/cost and the volume of gas that has to be conveyed.   SO2Clean® has been used to produce sulfur dioxide commercially for over twenty years.    Why is SO2Clean® superior to a Sulfur Burner?   Superior Economics


  • The installed cost of SO2Clean® unit is less than half of an equivalent burner…less equipment and steel
  • Electricity costs are less than 1/3 of those of a sulfur burner
    • Incoming oxygen pressure drives gas flow…no blower!
    • No inert gases to convey or vent
  • Lower operational costs more than offset the additional cost of the oxygen
    • Reduced maintenance costs…no refractory , no blower,  no burner management system, no air drier
    • No corrosion…SO2Clean® runs in an excess of sulfur not oxygen i.e. no SO3 to make sulfuric acid to condense in the process.
    • Significant reduction in cooling water and cooling water treatment costs
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